There's no shortage of Hadid </strong>family </strong>news nowadays. There's also seemingly no shortage of cool running in that family. While Gigi and Bella may dominate public fascination right now, there's yet another sibling that's caught our attention: Alana Hadid has been working in the fashion biz for a little longer than her two younger half-siblings. (They share a father, Mohamed Hadid.) She's been a stylist, a personal shopper, and a cheeky-T-shirt entrepreneur. Now, Valentino Shoes Sale the elder Hadid sister is designing an ongoing capsule collection for Lou & Grey; in January, a vintage-inspired printed bandana was released.


Today, an expanded offering of @lanzybear-approved Lou & Grey items is available for pre-order, comprised of two clutches, a sweatshirt, and more bandanas (Hadid's signature). We caught up with Hadid recently at the brand's launch party in New York, alongside her parents and half-sisters.


Why did you decide to release a</strong> bandana as the first item in your Lou & Grey collab? </strong>
</strong>"Originally, we had talked about a T-shirt. But there's something about bandanas that I really connect to. I wear them all the time. Iu2019m really obsessed with bandanas, and theyu2019re making a huge comeback. It was a suggestion I made [to Lou & Grey]. It's something weu2019re going to do throughout the entire capsule collection. It ties everything together."




Will accessories play a large role in your upcoming Lou & Grey collections?
</strong>"I think there will always be accessories. I look at everyoneu2019s accessories all the time. Shoes, a bag, and a scarf can make a whole outfit: You can put on jeans and a T-shirt, add those three things, and be out the door. Weu2019re [also] doing a sweatshirt, which I live in. Down the line, we may do some other Valentino Shoes things. The collection might steer a bit away from accessories."




Bandanas really are making a comeback </strong>u2014 thatu2019s something weu2019ve been championing for a while at Refinery29. How do you style yours?
</strong>"I like to Valentino Rockstud Sale do it the old-school way u2014 fold it in half, in a triangle, and tie it around my neck. I'll wear it like that during the day, and turn it into a choker for night. I donu2019t necessarily do the around-the-head thing, because I have a weird-shaped head, but it looks so cute on [other] people. I used to tie it, actually, around one of my boots u2014 over the boot, so that it hangs down the side. There are so many cool ways to wear a bandana."